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New CD released!

New CD released!

We have recently released the CD “7 ord” (seven words) with the group Revoice. The project is a cooporation between Argument Förlag (www.argument.se) and our production company, UNÅ Music.

The songs are based on Jesus’ seven words on the cross, arranged for 4 part choir (S/A/T/B). Apart from the CD, we also offer a scorebook for choir members and a score book for choir directors containing full piano arrangements, choir arrangements, scores for musicians, suggestions of how to make “7 words” an experience with music, words and pictures and a CD  including the singback versions of the songs.

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Gospel Train Final

Autumn 2005 saw the premiere of a new concept where a gospel workshop was combined with a “concert-service” – Gospel Train! After 7 years, we have decided to allow the concept to rest but Sunday, 23 September, Asa and Ulf Nomark together with a choir and musicians will render a great Grand Finale of the Gospel Train concept. We hope that you join in and sing your heart out! Want to take part in the workshop choir? We practice in the afternoon and then sing at the concert at 18.00. You can register by going to http://www.bilda.nu/sv/Amne/Cirkelinformation/?circle=524653

For more information about the Gospel Train concept, you can also go to http://www.unamusic.com / gospel train.

Gospel Train Finale

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