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New CD released!

New CD released!

We have recently released the CD “7 ord” (seven words) with the group Revoice. The project is a cooporation between Argument Förlag (www.argument.se) and our production company, UNÅ Music.

The songs are based on Jesus’ seven words on the cross, arranged for 4 part choir (S/A/T/B). Apart from the CD, we also offer a scorebook for choir members and a score book for choir directors containing full piano arrangements, choir arrangements, scores for musicians, suggestions of how to make “7 words” an experience with music, words and pictures and a CD  including the singback versions of the songs.

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New CD in the making

The recording of Åsa & Ulf’s next album has begun. The CD contains songs written by Ulf and Åsa and will be released late 2012 early 2013. Stay tuned for more information.

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