Åsa & Ulf Nomark – award winning composers, singers and choir leaders from the west coast of Sweden – met during the early high school years and started singing and performing together. Åsa’s clear, vibrant and brilliant voice went straight into the young man’s heart, and Ulf’s own song “Cry” made a great impression on the young girl. They started their musical journey together and further on also became a couple. Over time they have developed a, by many described as, unique and anointed vocal blend and their vision is to use the gift of music as a means to give the audience a heart opening and life encouraging experience. Today they have a family with two children and work full time in their music ministry.

Having toured together with great gospel legends such as Jessy Dixon and Andrae Crouch, they have been inspired by the afro-american gospel tradition. This has had a major impact on their music which incorporates both Scandinavian and American influences.

In concert, Ulf and Åsa Nomark really feel at home. They are frequent guest artists and guest choir directors at concerts and choir workshops all over Sweden and they tour both with and without musicians and background choir. Their songs have been widely appreciated by other singers as well as choirs and have been performed and recorded in several other European countries.

In February 2014 the CD “Common Ground” was released physically in Sweden (distributed by Naxos Sweden) and globally on most digital services. The album is musically a blend between pop and soul and with a touch of gospel and the unique vocal blend of Åsa & Ulf. The radio friendly song – Common Ground – talks about the importance of trying to focus on what unites us, and not so much on our differences. “It’s time for building up, and not tearing down”. Swedish newspaper “Dagen” wrote: “Åsa and Ulf have delicate, experienced voices. Along on the CD they have chosen to work with the swedish guitar phenomena Viktor Olofsson, apart from that they are managing on their own with help of good programming and clever inventions. Effective!…The best song for the radio stations is “Common Ground”. The nicest disco sound is heard on “You bring the best out of me”…The best song – “Love is a moment away” makes me think of great artists like Chaka Khan. Like!”

Asa & Ulf Nomark and Jessy Dixon

Asa & Ulf Nomark and Jessy Dixon